Dec. 31st, 2012

To say, "2012! What a year!" is putting it mildly.

As I sit here and look back, I honestly can't believe what I went through, what I survived. Family has said they commend me on how strong I was, how strong I am.

I hit bottom, I was at my lowest- and I wasn't sure if I could pick myself back up. But I did- and I am better for it, I am stronger- and my life is better off now than I ever could have imagined.

I could sit here and rehash all the horrible things that happened in 2012; the evil of what people can be capable of. But this person is not worth it.

I will say the good and positive things though- I have met some great people this year, who have become dear friends to me- and I am grateful for their friendship, support and laughter.

I now have a better job, better paying and will be less stressful- plus it is an encouraging environment for you to achieve rather than fail.

I now have a better place to live, in a neighborhood that I love.

Most importantly, I know and realize I love myself; I have friends who love me, as does my family- and the people will support me through the good and the bad.

I miss you, Yoda cat.

Bring on 2013!!!!

Dec. 9th, 2012

Strike a Victorian pose...



The move is now complete; I am half unpacked and settling into the new place with the help of my friend Cory.

I cannot say enough great things about the movers Two Men and a Truck; they had my move done in record time and worked their asses off. And considering all they did, they are worth the money.

I also cannot say enough great things about my landlord Nancy, who has been supportive and understanding this whole clusterfuck of a time- and helping me find a new place among her other apartments she has for rent.

The chapter of the other place, time and person is now officially closed and purged from my life.

Last night it hit me: This place truly feels like home. And for the first time in 7 months, I am at peace and not ill at ease to walk into my building, or ill at ease to sit at home. And everyone who has already been through here has said the same thing- it has a positive vibe, it's bright, it's warm, it comforting- it's quiet.

Butter seems to love it here too- especially sitting in the picture window- or on the heating vent.



I am also grateful for the power pop Canadian band Sloan and (and the wonderful guys who work with them), who has given me so much enjoyment with their shows, music, and now friendship!


Nov. 22nd, 2012

2012 has been a very interesting year for me, to say the least.  I hit an extreme low point in my life that I was not sure if I could bounce back from. I was working a job where I was under appreciated, going nowhere. My cat that I have had for 16 years, Yoda- who has been with me during all the good and bad, all the moves, put to sleep. I found out just how evil people can be for their own devices and amusement. The living environment that I have been in since May has not been healthy mentally, emotionally- and taking a toll on me physically. 


But in true form, I can compare my life to the phoenix- rising from the ashes.


In Greek mythology, a phoenix or phenix (Ancient Greek φοίνιξ phóinīx) is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor.


This Saturday, when I move, will close a very important chapter in my life. One I will learn and grow from- but will also move on from. I will still believe the good in people, despite the actions of some who could have destroyed that.


From the bad, good blossomed from the ashes.


I now have a great, stable job that is going to be challenging. But I will also be able to move in the company rather than stagnate.


I have been very lucky to meet and hook up with some new friends as well as old who are loving and supportive, which is amazing especially at my age.


I have discovered I am a strong person despite what has been thrown at me. I am proud of who I am.


I have always known I have a great family- but they really showed it to me this last year.


And on Saturday, I move to a new place with new positive energy that is QUIET. With this new place, I close the door.


I am thankful.

Nov. 6th, 2012


The time can't pass quick enough.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Oct. 20th, 2012

Dear Sloan:

I love you. Thank you for the wonderful night in Buffalo, NY last night. Looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh at the Shadow Lounge in November!!